Your spa takes care of your clients. Your website should take care of your spa.

You're having trouble ranking in the major search engines, and you're not sure exactly why.

How many of these common issues are you experiencing?

Our website is not bringing in as many visitors as it used to.


Our website doesn’t show up on the first or second pages of search engine results.


We know we have to work on Search Engine Optimization, but we don’t know where to start.


We like our website. It’s our brand. How can we improve it without changing the way it looks?


The number of emails we used to receive has dropped significantly.


Our competitors’ websites show up before ours, and they are not as good.


We already have staff (or family members) who take care of our website, but they could use some pointers.

Almost every business owner with a website has heard and knows these key terms.

Do you know what they actually mean, and the role they play in your spa operations?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Meta Tags


Customer Generated Reviews


Local Search Rankings


Content Marketing


Responsive Website


Local Schema


Social Media Platforms


Mobile Friendly

If not, you need our treatment plan.



Spa Index Media specializes in website audits for spa owners and operators.    We can quickly examine and best test all areas of your website, diagnose the most critical problems, share pointers from simple to more complex, and provide you with a detailed report.  

The list of recommendations can be dozens of small fixes (a missing area code in your telephone number) to major (broken links, missing pages, and slow page loads).  

Taken individually or collectively, ticking off each of our recommended fixes off will have a collective and positive effect on your website, and by extension, your bottom line.    It’s like a series of skin care treatments for your clients.  They’ll look and feel better after one facial, but aestheticians often recommend a series of treatments and a new skin care regime for the collective effect.  

And so it goes with your website.  




You have a stale website which no longer reflects or offers current information.



You have an outdated website which is not mobile responsive.



You consider your website an important extension of your brand.



Your website is not on the first page of search engine returns.



Your website doesn't rank well for your keywords, location or name.



Your website is essential for sales and booking appointments.





You need an instant fix.



You view your website as simply a static "brochure" and no one you personally know uses smart phones or tablets, anyway.



You want a guaranteed position on Google search engine results, just as promised in those emails you receive all the time.



Word of mouth should be enough, plus your advertisement in the Yellow Pages used to work, and you are sure it will again.



, We will  perform a comprehensive SEO Audit of your website: site-wide problems, on-page optimization issues, title tags and meta descriptions, design issues and even broken links.   We’ll check to see if are you up to date with and adhering to Google’s written (and unwritten) best practices.  Just with this initial analysis and recommended fixes, alone, your website’s SEO will instantly improve.

Next, we will evaluate your Website Content for optimization issues and recommended fixes. We’ll perform an analysis of your page content, blog articles and online marketing materials. This additional content analysis will give you specific advice and direction on how best to optimize your most important content to get found online.

Then, we will evaluate Local Rankings and Reputation Management. We check your local business listings on multiple platforms to both assure you are listed and check how you are listed — including listings which need to be updated. We will scour the local citations  and sources to make sure that your local presence is as strong as it possibly can be. We check for customer reviews, where your reviews are being submitted, and which need a response to enhance your business reputation online.

Finally, we will provide our User Experience analysis regarding your website — from design to functionality — on the whole. It’s valuable to have “another set of eyes” using you site and evaluating your online brochure.

Our resulting Website Wellness Prescription is a detailed report laying out exactly what you and your team should do, step by step, to implement website fixes which will result in better online visibility, which in turn, increases brand recognition and profits. 




What is the cost?

Our Wellness for your Website™ Audit is a detailed, comprehensive report that will cure many website headaches, save you time, improve functionality, which in turn increases your revenue.   We offer economical plans tailored to your business.

Many consultants and SEO firms with far less experience and understanding of the specific needs of the Spa and Wellness Community charge thousands of dollars for reports such as ours, but we value our relationships with our members and partners in this industry and want it to continue to succeed and grow and be recognized for its contributions to the health of men and women everywhere.

Do you have a free version, or a version with just the top 10 things I should do?

If you’re looking for a free solution, there are plentiful online tools and tutorials that you can research. If you are looking for the lowest cost audit service you can find, our bespoke, niche service is not a good fit. Our quote for services will cost you money on the front end, but help you increase revenue on the back end. Consider it a tax-deductible business investment. We stand behind it 100% and offer a money back guarantee after 30 days. 

I'm a member of your directory. Your directory is sending me great traffic, so why are you recommending an audit, also?

We represent and market thousands of day spas, spa hotels and resorts around the globe. Our spa directory has comprehensive listings with, in quite a few cases, better data, keywords, schema and other details, than the websites for the spas we represent.

If we are already sending increased traffic as a result of our popular guide, imagine how much better it would be if a visitor, when landing on a spa website, didn’t say “Wait, is this place still open? They have not updated the menu or blog in 3 years — and I can’t even read this site on my tablet.”    

In those select cases, we may recommend an audit for you to make tandem changes which will help assure both the success of your Spa Index Listing Package and your own website, for a complete web presence.

My Husband | Brother | Niece Takes Care of My Site. Why Do I Need You?


Great question.  First, we assume you need us or you wouldn’t be searching for tools to improve your website. Second, Family Members are the best, aren’t they? We’ve got a few that offer invaluable assistance to us, as well.   But, Spa Index Media serves as another set of trained, objective eyes. We don’t have the nostalgic attachment that you may have to your current web design, but we have great respect for it, and the efforts your team has expended to date.  As a result, it’s amazing what we find, in 5 minutes, that spa owners have never noticed.  


How is a Spa Index Media audit different from SEO offers I receive?

Representing day spas, spa hotels and resorts for nearly 20 years has given us a unique perspective and niche expertise in marketing websites for the spa and wellness industry.

We are very selective concerning who we work with.  We don’t accept all assignments, and we don’t accept a “hopeless case”, such as a website which really should be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch (we have other options for that). 

We have helped thousands of spas and wellness providers with their digital marketing and branding campaigns because we are laser-focused in this industry, specifically. 

Our results are self-evident by the hundreds of first-page search results for a diverse variety of spa, wellness, retreat and lifestyle searches, ranging from weight loss retreats, to pet-friendly spas, to smoking cessation retreats, to DIY treatments and spa cuisine recipes.  

That said, there are many fine SEO agencies. We do not doubt they do fine work for many types of general, all-purpose business models and industries. No reputable agency, however, solicits you on your website with anonymous emails from a generic email address, and none of them make grandiose promises.

What do I do with the audit report once I receive it?

Our reports are detailed and cover quite a few pages, but are immediately actionable. We will provide you our expert advice on what should be resolved immediately for fast results and better rankings.  

You’ll then want to take some time to study the remainder of the more-detailed options, which should be discussed with your webmaster or designer.  If our recommendations are for fixes which are the result of mistakes, oversights or coding errors, they will likely take them for you. If the recommendations are for updates or upgrades, you should set a budget and time-frame for implementing those changes.  

We are glad to discussion helping with solutions, as well.



Because of the level of detail and thoroughness of our audits, we currently deliver just four (4) website audits per month, so space is limited.     Use this form to reserve a complimentary consultation.  We’ll send you a short questionnaire about your business, website, and unique needs, and schedule a time to talk to you.  No obligation, no pressure.


Thank you so much for your help with my new web site. Kristina’s input was extremely valuable in my decision-making.  Regarding my marketing package, I would like you to know that I left SpaFinder last year and I realized that it was the best decision I made as ROI was practically non-existent. I feel that Spa Index is such a valuable resource  for the best exposure on internet. Your personal knowledge of your advertisers and willingness to help in every aspect of marketing is so transparent in ads for all your clients. — 2017

Elizabeth Winograd

Owner, Copperhood Retreat, New York

It is so good to have people like yourself to go over all of these areas of marketing so we can update them. 

Megan DiMartino

Owner, Novita Spa on the Square & Medical Rejuvenation Clinic, Austin, TX

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