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amazon [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Travel Resource[/p]

Luuk Magazine [p align=’center’]Featuring in Relax With Friends[/p]

USAToday [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Day Spa Finder[/p]

Gaiam [p align=’center’]Featuring Green Spas[/p]

Livestrong [p align=’center’]Featuring Weight Loss Retreats[/p]

Livestrong [p align=’center’]Featuring What is a Weight Loss Spa?[/p]

Livestrong [p align=’center’]Featured in An Eco-Babe’s Guide To Greening It[/p]

Eco-Babe [p align=’center’]Featuring craft ideas sourced from[/p]

USAToday [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Thermal Spa Resource[/p]

USAToday [p align=’center’]Featuring for Virginia Spa Getaways[/p]

Livestrong [p align=’center’]Featuring for Southwest Health Spas[/p]

USAToday [p align=’center’]Featuring for Ohio Spa Vacations[/p]

No Pet Left Behind [p align=’center’]Featuring Pet Friendly Spas by[/p]

amazon [p align=’center’]Featuring Wedding Spa Destinations by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Green Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring home spa recipes contributed by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Green Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring tips by for the home spa enthusiast[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as an Airport Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Home Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“Try these great recipes courtesy of for facials, masks, and more using easy ingredients that you probably already have in your cupboard… .” — The Dish[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featured Review of the Arkansas Spa Region by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as a Utah Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“ offers a plethora of recipes for at-home facials and body scrubs with some surprising ingredients and excellent results.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring the opinion / debate regarding Detox Foot Baths[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring home spa recipe[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Featuring as an East Coast Spa Directory[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“Employers can post job openings at the SpaWire Career Board by It is a good site for hunting jobs and is user-friendly.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]TripAdvisor Best Destinations of 2010: Pet Friendly Spas by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spotlighting Luxury Travel Commentary by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“ is devoted to influencing policy for the spa industry, as well as promoting a positive spa experience to the public.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“For those Martha Stewarts who wish to tackle organizing a spa party on their own, SpaIndex.Com offers suggestions… .”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Pamper Your Mom for Mother’s Day, featuring[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]More to Valentine’s Day Than Flowers, featuring[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Directory and Specials Featured by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa at Home Tips featured by[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Directory, Specials and Coupons featured on[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Airport Spa Directory featured on[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Homemade Beauty Recipes Good Enough to Eat contributed by[/p]

[h3]Blogs, Feeds and Websites[/h3]

Press [p align=’center’] Niche Spas: African American Spas featured in Blog Post: 10 Ways to Support Black Owned Businesses[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Green Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Directory Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Directory Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Directory Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Pet Friendly Spa Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Natural Beauty Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Savings Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]Spa Coupon Resource[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“This spa guide spans the globe with spas of all sorts – day, stay, lifestyle – listed for your perusal. Helpful reviews and specials for added guidance complete this picture of radiant tranquility.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“SpaIndex.Com has a few unusual features. It posts spa reviews from readers as well as its own staff. Niche link helps you locate Dude Ranch Spas, Pet-friendly spas. Cruise Ships category has a good synopsis of spa services on cruise ship lines. Spa Index tracks both Day Spas and Stay (overnight) Spas.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]The folks at Spa Flyer ( are getting a leg-up on the best spa deals out there. From freebies to new openings and special offers and beauty contests. Tune in for ample lists of coupons to your favorite day spa. Just follow the easy-to-navigate categories.[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“Recharge your batteries and renew your spirits at an eco-friendly spa. … Spa Index is handy for finding an eco-spa near you or your favorite destination.”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“If you’re searching for the perfect gift, day spa gift certificates are great to give to just about anyone. For a list of day spas in the area, visit”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“Ahh…spa! What better way to relax the mind and body than with massages, facials, and pedicures? … For planning tips and travel bargains, visit Orbitz’ Spa Travel area,, and”[/p]

Press [p align=’center’]“Relaxing after a hard day in a warm bath filled with skin softeners is another great way to put life back in balance. The Web site offers a host of spa treatment recipes you can create in your own kitchen.”[/p]

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